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Here’s some of the interesting stuff people are doing in Portland this coming week:

My People’s Market

Thursday, Nov 9 · 4:30 PM · The Redd

Support and network with Portland’s entrepreneurs of color at My People’s Market, a vibrant gathering of nearly 100 local multicultural vendors! Head to The Redd at Ecotrust on Nov. 9 to meet, network and experience multicultural vendors — all while enjoying live music, artwork and food. My People’s Market showcases the local entrepreneurial community’s commitment to equity and inclusion. A collaborative event between Travel Portland, Partners in Diversity and Prosper Portland, My People’s Market is aimed to advance opportunities for business owners of color, connecting them with the travel industry and other professionals who can help to expand and scale their businesses. This event is one of a series of connection opportunities for the Mercatus platform and Inclusive Business Resource Network of Prosper Portland. This event is free and open to the public.

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Sitting Room Only

Thursday, Nov 9 · 8:00 PM · Eclectic Rambler Exchange

An evening dedicated to a careful, quality blend of music with poetry and art, with performances from Amenta Abioto, Blossom, and Raphael Krasnow. Tickets $5 at the door.

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Son Little

Friday, Nov 10 · 9:00 PM · Doug Fir Lounge

What is the new magic of music? If you trace the path of a plan back to its beginnings, what do you find? Is it a tree, growing from seed with deep roots planted in fertile soil, branches arcing out in all directions? Or a spark in the dark, an electrical charge? Is it a waterway, with swirling currents raging to create a river? Or is it a snowflake, falling from on high and dropping down to earth with a singular splash? For Son Little, the genesis of a musical idea — the magic — remains largely a mystery. But his kinetic ability to summon that energy all the same, to command it, hold onto it, and set it in motion, is the stuff of alchemy. Tickets $15.

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Jai Ho! Global Jukebox Dance Party

Friday, Nov 10 · 9:00 PM · The Secret Society

Come teleport to the dream city, Mumbai, home to the alluring Bollywood film industry at the Jai Ho! Dance Parties in Portland & Seattle. DJ Prashant: Celebrated as one of the most exuberant & energetic Bollywood Entertainers of North America, Prashant has moved masses, from kids to elders across both coasts of America including in New York City, Washington D.C., Virginia, L.A., Bay Area, Seattle and Portland. Must be 21+. Tickets $8.

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The Collabo

Saturday, Nov 11 · 8:00 PM · Jaefields, By the Collective

Brandon Lyons and Marcus Coleman co-host this stand-up showcase set inside an indie fashion store that is also a barbershop, that will not only feature quality local comedy but a live DJ and free Capri-Sun to squeeze into your lovely face. Featuring sets from Summer Azim, Mohanad Elshieky, and Wilfred Padua, with live music from NVPRT. Tickets $10.

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Pie & Whiskey: Writers Under the Influence of Butter & Booze

Sunday, Nov 12 · 11:00 AM · Independent Publishing Resource Center

A release party for Kate Lebo and Samuel Ligon’s new anthology, collecting six years worth of works all focused on either pie, whiskey, or the combination of the two, with readings by Alexandra Teague, Ed Skoog, Joe Wilkins, Robert Lashley, Jess Walter, and Shawn Vestal. Event is free and open to the public.

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Monday, Nov 13 · 7:00 PM · Triangle Productions

A must for musicians and songwriters, this workshop aims to provide an overview of the legal aspects of the music industry. Topics will include copyright essentials for musicians, a look at music publishing and Performing Rights Organizations (PROs), music licensing, understanding recording and publishing contracts, and music clearances for the use of music in film, TV, digital projects, and more. This workshop will be led by attorneys Bart Day and James Ball. Presented in partnership with the Regional Arts + Culture Council. Tickets $15.

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